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Two players must work together to keep the patient alive for as long as possible against the onslaught of bacteria racing towards the patient's heart. One player is in charge of scanning the body, on the lookout for the bacteria and relaying what vaccine and where the other player, equipped with the injector, should administer.*

*It's horrible, bad science. We know.


Vaccination was developed by Alex Johansson and Katy Marshall initially during the ALTCTRLJAM in 2016, where we built a small prototype version of the game in 48 hours. From there, Alex rebuilt the game with higher resolution vector graphics whilst Katy started the process of redesigning the controller. The biggest deviation from the original was the addition of a second player, zooming the camera in closer to the body and restricting the field of view. We added a joystick to navigate around this space and we realised relaying information between one another was a fun dynamic. 

Since then, we've built 7 different iterations of the controller (And have plans for more), have taken it to several expos such as EGX, Day of the Devs, and NowPlayThis.

In terms of our plans for the project, we will continue iterating on Vaccination and taking it to festivals. Once we're happy with the controller we've built, we will be talking to galleries and in particularly museums about constructing durable installations for the game. In general for our aspirations, we're starting a Youtube Channel called Installation Required to document our progress, the controller workshops that we run and online tutorials/lets plays of us interacting with games/controllers we build. 

Game Design by Alex Johansson

Game Art and Custom Controller by Katy Marshall

Follow us on @installreq for more custom controller antics and coming soon: tutorials for building your own controllers!

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